Allen. Aka The Kid.

The Kid´s has been working with us for some time now. After he started working in our shop, he quickly became an invaluable asset to all his colleagues.

We think he is awesome!

He attended Adam og Eva´s school from August 2014 and started he´s apprenticeship at Kutt Fornebu in January 2015.

Allen is a pretty hardworking guy. Besides being hard working he´s relaxed and easy going, never spending too much time thinking about things that can´t be thought trough…

This laid back personality, makes him a service minded professional, and easy to be around.

Allen says:

 Good karma is my thing. I try to be as kind as possible and help others as much as i can, Hard work is a thing and there's no way around it, but you know sometimes a dude gotta visit sloth nation.

“Even though i have been working for sometime now and learned a lot, there is still much left to learn. I have learned from the best and i will keep learning form the best. I work with very skilled people, so a helping hand and inspiration is never far off."

  To book an appointment at Allen - Call us at 67 20 66 36!

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