Eris Bejaj

Eris Bejaj



Eris. Aka, Luie Luie

Eris is a multinational, southeast European, charming guy whose real origins are from south Albania. He lived all his life in Athens-Greece, and that`s where he started his journey in hairdressing.

Eris is always playful and cheerful and this tends to rub off on people. You can expect him to improve your looks and your mood.

Martial arts, philosophy, video games, good quality music and movies, conspiracy theories, progressive political opinions and football are just a few parts of his geeky personality.

Eris says:

“When MIND is week, situation is a PROBLEM, when mind is balanced situation is a CHALLENGE, when MIND is strong situation is an OPPORTUNITY, everything is about MOOD and PRESPECTIVES, I guess (",)