''Fornebudagen 2015''

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 27. Mai 2015

Tomorrow is a big day here out on Fornebu! There's A lot going on, and lots of good offers!

Here's our offers for the day:

We'll be spoiling your Brats with Color Rebel from Redken!!
We'll also be selling all Color Rebel products with a 50% discount ONLY this day!!

This Just In: Redken's Color Rebel Hair Makeup! Just shake, twist, and play! Talk to Lan Nguyen to try it out.

Review: Redken Color Rebel in Punked Up Pink

And to all' you Straightening-Iron-Addicted people out there, we've got something special for you!! ...and we know you've been waiting for this... *drummroll*
..A Cordless Straightening Iron!!
Tomorrow you'll get this BABY from Chi for 1599,- (ord.1999,-)
That also includes: Thermal Pouch, Wall Charger and Car Charger.

And every Frank-loving-people out there! Been A loooong time since you've heard from him?? Well, he's out, taking a stroll tomorrow.. And as always, his sense of place is lacking, so he might have A hard time finding his way back home to KUTT!

Can 'U help us? The rules are simple:
-Find Frank
-Take A Selfie with Frank, post it on Instagram/Facebook with the tags #findfrank #kuttfornebu and @kuttfornebu
-Bring him back to us, and you'll recieve the most Awesome price so far in Franks' history!!

Easy-peacy! Right? :)


We also got a selection of products to Bargain-prizes!!! 1 for 49,- and 3 for 129,-

For a full overview of activities and offers on Fornebu S, click here!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

//The Sheriff//

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