Haidresser of the Year

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 21. Okt 2015

Hey ya'll this is your boy "AL" aka "The Kid"!

I wanted to show 'u guys the Kutt-crew, prepping their models for a photo session for "This years hairdresser".

It was a lot of fun!
We got a lot of help from makeup artist, Maya, who is working at Adam og Eva Arkaden, and our Photographer, Sara Rose. And ofc. a big thanks to Adam og Eva Gamlebyen for letting us lend their salon for our photo session.

Take a look at the Kutt crew in action ya'll !! :D

"The Chip" making his wife photo-ready.

"The sheriff" and "Sara Rose", doing a little bonding and checking the angles :D

" The Sheriff", doing the last touch up on ''Girrly Sue''

I guess some hair just won't listen :P

With so much hair, you know it's going to be FAB! ;D

''The Sheriff'' doing them braids, looking all cute :D

// The Kid \\ out! Peace ya'll :D

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