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Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 28. Aug 2015

Wanna get to know our employees??

Well, here they are!

Nina. Aka, The Sheriff
Nina loves skulls, tattoos, and the sweet side of life. But most of all she loves hair. This is clearly apparent in her client`s hair and good mood as they float out of the shop on a daily basis. Strong, healthy hair is one of Nina`s key interests. “The shinier the better” Ever heard of Katzenjammer? Nina is their stylist and sees to it that they look as good as they sound. As manager of Kutt Fornebu (or ''The Sheriff'' as we like to call her) she`s been a key part in putting together a strong crew and creating a salon-experience unlike no other.

Nina says:
‘’Blonde is Beautiful, Big is better and, and Less is definitely NOT more!’’

‘’Trust me, and I will make you jump of joy on your way out of the shop’’

Vegar. Aka, The Chip
Educational Director and “resident handyman” at Kutt Fornebu.
He`s proud to call himself a hairnerd, and a peoples-person. This comes across through his interest in both you, and your hair.
He know`s a lot about a lot of things and take`s a keen interest in almost everything, so expect an interesting chat witchever way the conversation goes.
The Chip`s been doing hair for over 10 years and in his time he`s been working in some of the best salons in and around Oslo.

Vegar says:
“I make it my everyday task to change people`s look without them having to change their lifestyle. So either you want to brush up the old look or get something completely new, I will tend to your every need”

Isabell. Aka, Juicy Lucy

Juicy started here journey on Adam & Eva hairdresser school in August 2012.
Her apprenticeship took her ”here, there and everywhere” before she landed at Kutt and settled down just in time to get to grips with the all important final exam.
She passed with flying colors and today she stands out as a highly skilled stylist and a great resource to the salon.

Isabell says:
“You will always feel safe in my chair and together we get the result you wish for, plus I’m a people person so a good conversation is a must”

“I have a passion for beauty. I love to make my clients feel great about themselves”

Daniel. Aka Dannyboy

He`s passionate about working with people.
He`s always on the lookout for new inspiration and performs his craft with precision and confidence
Working with his hands has always been his passion, something we see every day in the salon.
Daniel is a down to earth guy with lots of latin blood running through his veins.
He attended Adam & Eva's school and did his apprenticeship at Adam&Eva Nedre Slottsgate.
He started working at Kutt Fornebu when we launched in October, and has since been a key member of the Kutt Crew.

Daniel says:
“For me hair isn’t just hair, it’s a canvas waiting for the right shape and color, and I’m always trying to figure out new ways to express myself through my client’s hair”

“I’m starving for inspiration and always on the lookout for new impressions, so don’t be shy to show me ideas or tell me what makes you excited”

Allen. Aka AL. Aka. The Kid
The Kid`s our new talent. After starting work in the shop he quickly became an invaluable asset to all his colleagues.
We think he's awesome!
He attended Adam&Eva`s school from August 2014 and started he`s apprenticeship at Kutt Fornebu in January 2015
Allen is a pretty hardworking guy. Besides being hard working he`s relaxed and easy going, never spending too much time thinking about things that can`t be thought trough…
This laid back go approche makes him, service minded professional and easy to deal with.

Allen says:
“Smile to the world and the world smile`s back. Good karma is my thing. I do to others what I want other to do to me”

“I’m pretty new to hairdressing, but no stress I have learned from the best and know pretty much what I need to do, I work with very skilled people so help and inspiration is never far off.

Helena. Aka. Grrly Sue

Helena is our Grrly Sue, she might be grrly, but don’t let her look fool you, she do have this rock n roll soul. She might seem a bit quiet at first, but when u get to know her, she’s like this little crazy thing that will make your day, every day. She started her journey at Adam and Eve hairdressing school in January and joined our awesome family in June. So here she is, at Kutt Fornebu, fresh and creative .

Helena says:
“My passions are hair, fasihon, music, art and beauty.”

“My goal is to be a color master so if you want to color your hair in some rad collors, please contact me”

*TheChip*//KUTT Fornebu

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Girly Sue !

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 3. Jul 2015

Hey guys Im Helena " Grrly Sue"

Im the new girl here at Kutt Fornbu, and im really exited to work here at Kutt !
My passions are hair, fasihon, music, art and beauty.
My goal is to be a colormaster so if ya wanna color your hair in some rad collors, please contact me!
I strated my study at the Adam og Eva school of hair dressing in January, and now I`m here at Kutt and i love it. I`m really really exited to start my adventure here at Kutt and get to know my new fam!

I dont know what more to say, so here are some pictures`n stuff of things I like and things that inspiers me.


Me The winter Queen !!

// Helena //

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Our Handy man

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 18. Jun 2015

Hey Ya'll, your boy ''Al'' here!

...Bringing to you another member of our family here at Kutt.
So, last time I presented to you guys our "Danny Boy", but now I will present to you our "Dandy and Handyman" the one and only (" he'll fix almost anything you brake") Vegar ''The Chip''!

Why do I call him the handy man you ask?
Well, ever since I started working here at Kutt, Vegar has always been there for me, as a educational leader and as a friend. I tend to mess things up here and there and Vegar is always there to help and fix, thats pretty handy if you ask me :) ...and did I mentioned
that his pretty dandy as he is handy?! :)

Vegar and his morning rituals.

Vegar cuts everything as good as hair !

Dandy, handy and mandy Vegarinio in action, all he need is a hammer and ladder !

Did i say Hammer ?

// The Kid \\

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Our DannyBoy!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 18. Mai 2015

Hey ya'll! This your boy "Al", presenting to you guys, one of my co-workers!

So I have been here at KUTT for about five mounths-ish. And I really do like working here, every one gets along, we laugh, talk and have A blast working together!
Ofc. everyone I work with should be mentioned in a blog soon, so I guess I'll start with our one and only " started from the bottom, now he's here, Straight from St. Haugen!
Ladies love him, even tho he already have the love of his life. Old ladies give him cockies because his so nice to everyone" ( me and him we are straight up hood-homies )
" DannyBoy"!!! *Sound effect: clap, clap, clap.*

Here's Dannyboy, in Action with some Clean shaving! :)

*Al* // KUTT Fornebu

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The New Kid !

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 21. Jan 2015

Niran Manthurat AkA. Allen AkA. AL AkA. The Kid ! call me what you like ^^

Allen Brown

Hey Ya'll I'm the new edition to Kutt fornebu, Young and excited I am. Started fresh at Adam & Eva hair dressing school, got lucky when I was placed here at Kutt, where I walked right in and melted with my new fam
#awsome crew.

I will learn alot in the years to come and what I really would like to be one of my specialties is Old School Barber shavings with knife and skin fading.

So to ya'll that are intrested in helping me on my road to be an expert hair dresser/barber, holla at us here at Kutt Fornebu ;DD

My main interest and inspiration is Japan -I have Japan written all over my face. Google search "Japan", and u will see everything that I love!!.

Japanese culture, styles, games, anime, language... you name it! A trip to japan is yet to come tho -.- but yea, that's pretty much it.

My personality is pretty much happy going, slow walking and chill. I never rush if I don't have to.

If there is something else you would like to know about me or about what I'm doing here at Kutt Fornebu, then take a stroll down here and visit us. Ask for me, get to know me and we might get along petty well ;)