Get the Hair of Your Dreams!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 26. Jan 2018

Have you always wanted longer, thicker hair, or a totally new hairstyle? Hair extentions might be the answer!

With hair extentions you can get the lenght, volume and density you want. 

Or what about A beautiful blend of new colors in your hair?


Here's some before and after pic's, of Dream Hair done by

*DizzyMissLizzy*, and *The Sheriff* 

Want a GoooodieGOOD deal??? *DizzyMizzLizzy* have a special offer for you gals!

The 3 persons who contacts her first, gets this deal: 

Pay for the locs, AND You're getting the job for FREE!

For all you other gals:

Pay for the hair + You'r getting 50% off on ''the Job''

(offer stands 'til the end of February)

We're using hair extentions from Hairtalk. The good thing  about these extentions is that you can take them out when they have grown out, and move them back into place in short time. You can also use the same hair in up to 5 times (around 5-7 months, depends how good you take care of your hair). We recommend you to move them every 6'st week. Hairtalk delivers 100% natural human hair, that also means...

Hairextentions requires a little love and care. 

- Don't wash the hair for 48 hours, after application.

- A natural brush, is an absolut must, for the tapes to last. Remember to brush your hair in the morning and before bedtime. 

- When you sleep, you should sleep with a braid. 

- Do not use conditioner in the roots, keep in  the lenghts. 

- Use hair products that's recommented by your hairdresser. 

//DizzyMissLizzzy aka. Pernille//

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