We want you!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 8. Sep 2015

Ever since we opened in October last year our client base have increased at a steady pace and the salon have become more and more busy. In fact we have become so busy that we need more staff.

Kutt Fornebu is definitely a fun place to work. The salon shows a modern twist on a vintage feeling.The staff is a tight knit dedicated group of people. The standards are high and the mood is light. Even though our main focus is men, everyone is welcome. At Kutt you can challenge yourself in all aspects of the trade whether it is barbering, cut, color, hair up, extensions, or perm/relaxer

We have a close relationship with Lòreal and Frends witch provides a broad specter of courses and events which you can attend if the need arises.We are looking for dedicated people with a high level of skill and inspiration that will contribute to and expand upon the collective capability and service level in the salon.

Hope to hear from YOU // KUTT Fornebu

Og du; vi snakker også norsk altså :)

Kutt loves curles!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 6. Mar 2015

The Kutt crew loves curles.
The bigger the better.

To celebrate all curly, crazy, chicks out there, we decided to have a pre weekend giveaway.
So strap your boots on and run over to Kutt Fornebu to collect your prize.
The first wildhair wonder that drops by and say the secret password, (Cute curles)
will get two wonderfull curlenhancing products from L`orèal

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// Kutt Fornebu \\

Find Frank

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 12. Des 2014

Last Sunday Frank had an amazing trip to Sommer og Vinter.
Even though it`s only Friday, Mr. Goldskull is already packing his bags
and planning his next excursion.
We have no idea where, but he`s been mumbling about mountains and temples...

This sunday Frank "heads" (head, skull, get it? :D) of in a random direction.
(To a shop in Fornebu S)
If you can find him and bring him home,
YOU vil get your pre-xmassurprize
Sponsored by

#frankhunt #findfrank

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The awesomenes of Evo

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 10. Des 2014

We love the Evo products, they're almost as crazy as we are! Just look at this video

Okay.. lets get serious

Evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product
manufacturer with individuality and integrity;
a manufacturer that speaks the truth.
Inside bottles of EVO that are bursting with personality,you'll find luxurious products that are
sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol free;products that give professional results
while respecting the environment.

Evo has 6 different groups in the family:

Calm: Moisturizes and repairs dry, frizzy,colour-treated hair.
Care: Repairs colour treated, weak brittle hair.
Volume: Volumizes fine, limp, lifeless hair.
Curl: Supports curly hair and enhance natural wave.
Straight: Smooths coarse hair and control the frizz.
Styling: styling and finishing options for all hair types.

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The Kutt Crew!!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 15. Okt 2014

We know some of you are exited about who's going to work in our AWESOME salon, and here they are!

Starting of with the ''Marilyn'' of the salon, MAYA!

It's not unusual that you will find her head in a make-up bag or doing styling on a head in a fashion event!.
In love with the 50's, Oslofjorden and the color Pink, and she is in her right element when she is doing a skinfade or some crazy colors.
The next time you visit her you may not recognize her, cause the color of her hair changes every other week.

Vegar, ''The Chip'' !

It is said that pictures speeks louder than words... :-P

Our very own handyman, is keeping up the manliness in the salon, and performs
the most flawless cuts!

Loves tin Soldiers, and his Mountain bike!


Bringing on those goood vibes and retro Styling to Fornebu!

When he's not giving YOU the coolest retro-styling or a killer Cut, he like spending his time at a Consert or in the Gym.


the leader of all these crazy, mad, loveable people.

You will find her:
1: At work
2:....or in the gym!

Some of her specialty is Color designs and short,clean men's cut!

-Skulls, skulls, SKULLS, in every shape and color!
-Big hair!
-Sewing, drawing, making things.

We are looking forward to making YOUR hairday better!!!
Give us a call at 67 20 66 36 for booking, or just drop by!