It's Mustache time!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 3. Nov 2014

Have you started growing that 'stache yet?
If not, throw that Razor away, It's MOVEMBER TIME!

, I have to share some SMOOTH-looking Men with you.

Gaspard Ulliel with MUSTACHE! :{D Ricki Hall

And even though you look good with the Beard and Staches, It's not only for the looks...
Check out this video:

More of them Good-Looking MEN

#beards A good old curled tache sets of many looks, just not with Ray Bans, your'e not trying to be hipster, just unique.

Don't forget who is SOON-to-be-YOUR-Barber!!

I don't have to say more now, than:

...And We're out!

Sources: <---- Chek them out


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