Maya gives you our Weekly Awesomeness Report!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 20. Okt 2014

Wow, you guys! We've had an awesome first week at Fornebu!

On monday, the whole salon were still in boxes. And a lot of them.....! But, as always, we still had time to monkey about as soon as Nina left us alone with the preparations. *silly-grin smiley here*

We opened on tuesday the 14th of october at 2pm, and already in a few half-an-hours our opening offer and goodie bags were torn away. We had lovely Ingrid portraiting Mary, styled by Maya.

Later the same week, we got some new cool products from Reuzel; a pomade and some real nice grease. And we are sooooo ready to do some real pompadors with these badboys!

Friday we had our first Waffle Friday! Waffles makes happy hairdressers, who in turn gives you happy hair! So everybody's happy (especially us with the waffles...!)

Daniel and Maya kept the machinery runnin' on Saturday, and we had tons of customers coming in! We loved it! Obviously, we were too busy to take any pictures, but we found this news to hit level 1000 Bragfactor, so it just HAD to be immortalized in text, yo!

// Reporter Maya out! Peace!

Pic of the week:

Vegar "The Chip" got busted fixing stuff!

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