Monday`s here. It`s time! Awesomenesreport!!!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 10. Nov 2014

Early monday morning we came to work,
To our surprize we had furniture in our backroom!
Chip tried it out.

It was Awesome!!!
We really can`t explain what happend next...
There must have been some leftower Halowenenes still floating around.
Frank Goldskull suddenly came alive!!!

Later in the week we did an amazingly, fantastic, spontaneus, fotoshoot.

Check out the rest of the picturs here

This weekend Nina did Katzenjammers new musicvideo!
Here is an awesome teaser.

That`s it for today...
See ya next week for more awesomenes.

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Chip signing out (",)


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