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Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 10. Jan 2015

There are alot of great products out there, we all have different taste and needs for our hair.
These are just my personal favorites !

When it comes to getting all those natural oils out of my hair I like using
Evo's "the therapist's calming shampoo", it smells great and really gives a feeling of freshness to the scalp.
the therapist calming shampoo
Second step for me is this badboy:
Evo "mane attention protein treatment".
I leave this mask on for about 5 minutes while I think about the profundity of life.
mane attention protein treatment
To top the whole thing of, I end the whole washy washy ritual, I seal the hair off with
Evo's "the therapist calming conditioner"
the therapist calming conditioner
What I really like with Evo's products is that everything smells extraordinary fresh and clean.
Makes it easier to hit the shower when you get out feeling that you're rejuvenated each and every time !

~Peace, Daniel~

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