A bowl of popcorn a day might not keep the doctor away....

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 19. Jan 2015

.... But holycanoli, it tastes gooooood!

No movie is complete without these puffy kernels!
Perhaps America's oldest snack - popcorn "leftovers" has even been found in archeological digs in South America. Evidence of of this has been dated as far back as 4700 BC!

italian breadstick popcorn: basil, parsley, garlic salt and olive oil - bet this is amazing!

However, it's was not really recognized as the modern popcorn we all know 'til somewhere around 1820s.

White chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry coated popcorn make up a delicious and beautiful dessert trio perfect for gifting and entertaining!

We of course have to thank the movie theatres (that's what your gramps would call what you know as a cinema, btw) for popcorn's mass appeal.

As luxuries were scarce during the Depression, popcorn was an inexpensive alternative to sell. Ever since, popcorn has been a tradition at both cinemas and at home.

Star Wars - Old Saga (George Lucas)

Also revered as a relatively healty snack (depending on how much yummy grease, butter, salt, caramel, chocolate, cheeseeeeedrrrrrrooooooool........ you put on it of course), popcorn will always be our favourite kind of snackacrackin'!

Image via https://www.bittopper.com/post.php?id=662247027bdbde8bace365ec3254f61fc485e

Celebrate the International Popcorn Day with us today! As always, you get your haircut with a side of popcorn here at KUTT Fornebu! Still can't get enough? Buy some popcorn with you to take home!

Peace and popcorn, Maya out!

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