Comic Relief

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 22. Jan 2015

We all need a little comic relief in our everyday lives, so here's some ordinary objects that looks like funny faces!

Now this phenomenon is called "Paraeidolia"; the tendency to percieve random stimulus as something significant. For the love of laughs, enjoy! \(^.^)/

1. 'The Chicken Church' Church by the Sea, Madeira Beach, Florida

A great article about finding faces in everyday objects!

Faces in Things, Objects That Appear to Have Faces | AlbaSun Portal

Faces that are Hidden in Everyday Ordinary Objects...

This onion is plotting your demise.

my turn, my, it''s my, pick me...

faces in foods. What is this green thing?

"You wanna piece of me!?! You got it!!!!" 26 Faces in Everyday Objects


what a "grate" face

This grill just thought of the most evil prank for April Fools' Day. | 24 Objects Who Are People Too

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