All 'them classic Men!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 27. Jan 2015

Are you on the outlook for a good, but not an old, 'do??

Here's ''The Sheriff's'' top picks of some hunkalicious men with medium long hair!
Take a look at these super-duper-clean-cuts!!

Los mejores estilos con #barba en nuestro tablero

Inspo from American Crew American Crew All Star Challenge in Portugal: Finalist Photos!

Best Men's Hairstyles 2014- Sean's hair is so close to this length. Love these styles!! Check out our pinboard with even more pics here!

Steve Boyd  I don't know who this guy is but OMG he is hot!!!!!!!

Men's hair 2013 - call us 01926 831478 BLAZE #leamingtonhairdressers

And even though ELVIS is not there to help you with the 'trimmin, we're here at your service!
Elvis helping Johnny Cash with his hair - Iconic &  Elvis & Hank Williams Sr.

Signing out for today, Nina ''The Sheriff''

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