Japanese Harajuku style!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 9. Mar 2015

Hey Ya'll ,your boy "AL" here !

So me and DannyBoy, here at Kutt Fornebu were talking about Japan and why we felt so in love and so inspired by that country. Ofc. there are lots and lots of things to love about Japan like the language, food, games, anime, culture and "Ninjas/Samurais".

But something me and Dannyboy really like and admirer might be that style, that overdo, that freedom, that creativity, that harajuku.

Thats right, that harajuku style. So "harajuku" does not really mean anything special, but its actually a location i Japan, where young, and teenagers dress in their own fashions they invent themselves, or cosplay outfits.

That is pretty awsome and creative if u ask me.

They really are wearing what they want. "Kakkoii" ( awsome).

That hairdo is pretty kakkoi and "Kawaii" (cute) even tho' she is wearing a wig.

even Gwen like that harajuku style.

"Naisu" ( Slang for Nice).

Allen *The Kid*


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