Our Handy man

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 18. Jun 2015

Hey Ya'll, your boy ''Al'' here!

...Bringing to you another member of our family here at Kutt.
So, last time I presented to you guys our "Danny Boy", but now I will present to you our "Dandy and Handyman" the one and only (" he'll fix almost anything you brake") Vegar ''The Chip''!

Why do I call him the handy man you ask?
Well, ever since I started working here at Kutt, Vegar has always been there for me, as a educational leader and as a friend. I tend to mess things up here and there and Vegar is always there to help and fix, thats pretty handy if you ask me :) ...and did I mentioned
that his pretty dandy as he is handy?! :)

Vegar and his morning rituals.

Vegar cuts everything as good as hair !

Dandy, handy and mandy Vegarinio in action, all he need is a hammer and ladder !

Did i say Hammer ?

// The Kid \\

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