Real Life Anime Kid

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 17. Jul 2015

Hey ya'll this your boy "The Kid" with our new girl "Grrly Sue" bringing to you something awsome that happend yesterday 16.07.15.

So yesterday we had this awsome kid here at our salon wanting a hair cut. Before he came to visit us, him and his father had been watching this Anime series named "Naruto" For A whole week!
( Anime is a Japanes animation). Then he walked in here with his Naruto headband on and wanted the finishing touch for his Naruto look. Showed us some pictures of what he had in mind and our Ultimate stylist " The Chip " and our new apprentice " Grrly Sue " got to work.

Here is the result :)

Pretty Funny Huh ? haha, Peace ya'll!!

// The Kid // Grrly Sue //

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