Xmas ya'll !

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 10. Nov 2015

Hey ya'll this is your boy The Kid here!

Some of you might have noticed it by now, all the Xmas decorations that's up already! At least if you work at a mall you will notice it pretty early, long before the holiday's!

But I guess that's ok, because you build up so much hype before Xmas, and if Xmas don't go as planned, you get pissed and hate Christmas! But if you work at a mall and see all these decorations so early you finally get tired of Christmas, so when X-mas arrives, you're there like " Mehh whatever"...

Any way! Here's some awsome pictures, so enjoy and get in the mood !

Make it easy and cheap, make your own calandar !

Be nice and kind, you might get a cat for X-mas ^^

Puppys !!!

Who dosn't love Minions ? :D

// The Kid \\ out Peace ya'll !!!

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