What to do?

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 4. Des 2015

2015 has definitely been the year of the beard.

Some of you may have grown it to

Epic Proportions!

So... what`s next?

The notion that bigger is better is loosing ground among the bearded men.

2016 will be the year of the styled, and well kept beard.

Here is some inspiration:

The Captain:

Big and rough, but with clean outlines and controled shape.

The Lazyboy:

"I have beard because I can't be botherd with shaving every day."

Bullshitt! You have it becaus it makes you look hot!

The Italian:

Well kept to the point of overkept. It's a ballanzing act.

The Mustasje:

On the right man with the right style it's a safe bet!

Clean shaven:

Had it for a while? Why not get rid of it?

Whatever you chose to do, the Kutt Crew stands ready to groom you to perfection

Our shelves are filled with great products,

so that you can keep up the apperence at home as well.

\\ The Chip \\

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