Comic Relief!

Posted by Kutt Frisør Fornebu on 7. Sep 2016

Hey ya'll !

Are you having a hard day at work? Well, then think of your barber and take a trip down here to loosen up your mood!

What's a barber if uhe can't mak you laugh?

So here's some funny cartoons to lighten up your day :D


To all those get's with tough hair to cut, your barber will manage almost anything!

Mohawk doesn't fit for every one!

Almost every guy can relate to this... mutton chops thanks !

The proper way to give a head massage :D

Ladies, babers aren't just for guys.

Cat barbers don't even need siccors.

Again, your baber will fix almost everything!

I guess even super heros have some creativity.

Super-fade VS. Beardman.

// The Kid \\

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